Confirmed: my show is too fringe for the Fringe!

After offering me a contract the organisers withdrew on the grounds that they were looking for something of a ‘non-political nature’.

A non-political festival fringe?! Tell Me More Lies!

They apologised, offering twice another slot for a different show. As if I have time to write and practise a new set, register and do all the paperwork as well as design and print a new flyer and attend a tech set-up!

In the Huffington Post, comedian Jay Islaam writes about the top ten most controversial acts of Ed Fringe 2016. The two most interesting entries concern Ivor Dembina and the author of the piece. The rest seem a predictable bunch of modern-day degenerates: tits, blasphemy, sick humour and even a ‘Holocaust’ denier. Sorry, I meant a bloke who tells ‘Holocaust’ jokes.

Have Islaam or any of his colleagues ever been offered then refused a contract at the Ed Fringe? Are they really that controversial? Or are they merely the symptoms of an overly-kosher-ised entertainment industry?

Hope you enjoy the video.

3 thoughts on “Confirmed: my show is too fringe for the Fringe!

  1. You know who the enemy is and all you can do is keep pushing back against them. The giant vipers of deceit needs it’s head cut off once and for all since of history is full of the attempts to rid the world of these parasites only for them to reappear as a problem somewhere else. What a wonderful world it would be if they were contained in one location, like the virus that they are.


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