Gerard Menuhin in denial again

This time, Menuhin denies that his autobiography is being auctioned to the highest bidder. Inquiries on the subject have elicited evasive responses.

Some publishers are concerned about the sensational aspects of such an autobiography, and the pressure to which it might subject them.

Others acknowledge the following appealing features:

As Yehudi Menuhin’s son, Gerard has intimate knowledge of this fascinating human being.

Gerard himself is a highly unusual person with a unique worldview.

Gerard’s refreshingly different awareness of the past is revealed in his book ‘Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil’, which he has dedicated to humanity and generously offered free on the internet.

This book has been translated into German, Russian and French.

Gerard’s latest published work is a daring and original satire in the form of two consecutive plays: ‘Lie$ & Gravy’.

Gerard’s autobiography will be illustrated with private photographs.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking

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