The Diary of Greta

By Gerard Menuhin. Reproduced with kind permission. 

Hello, I’m Greta. I’m writing a diary. It’s about the climate.

3 January, 2011. Dear Diary, today I’m eight years old. I heard about something called ‘climate change’. I don’t know what it means, but it sounds important.

3 January, 2014. I’m eleven and I’m depressed. I’m not going to talk no more. Or only when I want to say something. Today, as I come out of the secret cupboard I live in, I suddenly felt something was wrong. So I began to scream.

My mother gave me a banana. They grow in our garden in Sweden. That usually calms me down when I scream. But this time I just went on screaming. You see, I had a vision. What’s wrong is the climate. It’s getting too hot. I asked everybody why they don’t make it cooler. But they just laughed. They said it’s called Global Warming. They asked me, Do you think we can switch off the sun? They told me there have been lots of climate changes since the world began, even an ice age. But you can’t listen to older people. They always have some clever answer.

My vision is about me saving the world from the climate and from old people who make the world too hot for children like me. You oldies have made life impossible for my generation with your Global Warming. If we young people don’t act now to save our planet from ugly old Wrinklies like you, we will all go up in flames. We will be extinguished – no – extinxioned. I’m doing this because you adults are shitting on my future.

My parents don’t know what to do about my brilliant brainwave. They took me to see a specialist, an expert in climate change. Mr. Silberman examined me completely, very thoroughly, from top to toe. It turns out my condition is complicated with big words: Asparagus Syndrome and Obscenic-Computer Disorder and Select Mutantism. He says I’m not mad, I just have mental health issues. Then he made some calls.

Now I have an agent from a public relations agency. They say I’m a climate activist. I’m on what’s called a ‘speaking tour’. Mr. Silberman sends me speeches. I get to scream as much as I want and say what I want anywhere and I’m even paid for it. On my tour, I set an example. I never fly. (When I’m old enough to drive, I won’t.) I’m a climate guardian for future genrations is what I am.

I keep telling them they’re stealing our future. Now I’m speaking to the whole world. Isn’t that something? Better than living in a cupboard and screaming to myself.

I’m having an effect! Some young people have filed a lawsuit against the United States for significantly harming their right to life and liberty. They want to force the government to adopt methods for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

8 March, 2019. I’m Woman of the Year in Sweden! I’ve inspired pupil demonstrations calling for climate action around the world under the #FridaysForFuture slogan.

13 March 2019. I’ve been nominted for the Noble Prize. Imagine! Me along with peace-makers like Presdints Wislon, and Rosefelt and Abama!

15 May 2019. I’m a honory doctor of a Belgian University! At 16!

16 May 2019. Wow! I’m on the cover of TIME Magazine! They say I’m a role modle. Autism is the new normal.

This is what oldies needs to do:


10 June 2019. Extinction Rebellion are imitating me! I pierced the bubble of denial! Denial is a bad word. Nobody can deny eye-witnesses of Global Warming.

greta 5.jpg

Doesn’t this mean I’m right? I started a new religion, called Climate Change, which you better not deny. Mr. Alan Leshner of Science says ‘global climate change is real, it is caused largely by human activities, and the need to take action is urgent.’ If your parents deny human-made Global Warming, we have to correct them, just like the great Mao did in his Cultural Revulsion.

We young people have to divide the world between them who fight Climate Change and them who deny it. If that means civil war to save the planet, that’s what we must have.

28 June 2019. I just read in the London Graudian that ‘More than 1.5 million young people in more than 125 countries walked out of schools, colleges and universities in the biggest day of global action ever. Young people have protested en masse before – millions marched against the Iraq war in 2003 – but this child-led uprising is happening with unprecedented momentum on a global scale.’ Doesn’t this make you think of the famous children’s’ crusade, where 30,000 children joined together? Now the deniers claim it was a plot to sell them into slavery. But there will always be spoil-sports, just like the old people who contradict me now.

We young people will continue to skip school and demonstrate against Oldies who think they know better just because they’ve been to school and learned things. I don’t need to go to school to learn anything. Look what I do! I am even sending as many twits as Presdint Trump!

Here’s a picture of me telling those old farts what to do!

greta 6

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