Alison Chabloz has become a controversial figure particularly after her Quenelle salute outside Edinburgh Castle during last year’s Edinburgh Fringe. A talented musician with outspoken views on many subjects including the Holocaust and freedom of speech, she’s back this year to try out her new show Tell Me More Lies in front of a live audience.

Alison already performed two full runs at the Fringe in 2011 and 2015. Last year’s show Autumn’s Here was reviewed by Lynn Ruth Miller and was selected and filmed as part of the Fringe Performance Archive at the Scottish National Library.

Tell Me More Lies is 45 minutes long, half spoken, half music. The song (((Survivors))) has provoked a sharp contrast of reactions, ranging from cries of ‘absolute genius’ to repeated calls from certain quarters to have Alison arrested. Is she too fringe for the Fringe?

The material also lends itself to short 10-15 minute spots. Performance and venue details of Tell Me More Lies will remain under the radar and unlisted till the very last minute. Please use the Contact form for any enquiries.