‘Tell Me More Lies’ is a poem by British-Swiss writer and publisher, Gerard Menuhin, which I have set to music. A crazy irregular waltz in 15/8 time which helps to push the message of how mainstream media twists the truth. The rhythm also expresses frustrations caused by smear campaigns waged against ‘Holocaust’ revisionists. ‘Tell Me More Lies’ is also the inspiration and title of my new show.

Tell Me More Lies

Tell me more lies
So I can sleep tonight
Tell me what I want to hear
Tell me everything’s all right

Love them lies

(Lies) like walls in prison
Stack them up tight
Television is tunnel vision
It blocks out the light

Love them lies

Time to know better
When it’s too late
Lie me news and weather
So I submit to my fate

Love them lies

War is Peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is Strength

Keep on faking the laws
Shortening my breath
Truth is a lost cause
Just lie me to death

Love them lies

Just barcode and chip me
And sing me a song
You know you can
Turn me off, if I go wrong

Love them lies, keep ‘em coming

By Gerard Menuhin.

Here is a version with live birdsong :

Tell Me More Lies from Alison Chabloz on Vimeo.